Health and Nutrition

Nutrition Program

Breakfast and lunch are provided through the Kearsley Nutrition Program. Students may bring their lunch. Breakfast is provided at no cost.

Health Program Policies

It is essential that every parent cooperates fully with the center health program. When there are symptoms of illness or other indications that a child is not well enough for group activities, arrangements must be made for his care at home. The center has no provisions for the care of children who are ill.

Exposure to communicable diseases and any infectious illnesses of other family members should be promptly reported so that the center may be alerted to early symptoms.

Illness at the Center
A child with a temperature of 99.9 degrees or higher, rashes, diarrhea, and/or vomiting will be sent home.

Readmittance after illness
The following must be adhered to when returning from an illness:

1. Simple cold - When a child is absent for a simple cold, he may be readmitted to the center as long as there is no temperature.

2. Temperature, diarrhea, vomiting - Following an illness accompanied by a rise in temperature, diarrhea and/or vomiting, a child must be excluded from the center until 24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal and/or bouts of diarrhea and vomiting have stopped.

3. Unidentified rashes - Children may return to the center when the office has received a doctor’s note stating that the child is not contagious and may return to school.

4. Chicken Pox - All scabs must be gone before a child returns to the center.

5. Head Lice - After treatment, the child may return but will be checked by the Director or authorized personnel. During this head check, the parent will remain with the child. The child must be lice/nit free to remain in school and they will be checked for the next 10 school days. If lice/nits are found, the child will be sent home from school and the 10-day check period will start again.

6. Pink Eye - After treatment, the child must have a doctor’s note on file in the office stating the child is no longer contagious and may return to school.

7. It is felt that if a child is well enough to attend the center, he is well enough to join other children in the daily outside play.

Outside Play
Children go outside every day when the temperature is 5 degrees F or above. Please dress children accordingly.

Immunization/Physical Forms
The State of Michigan requires that all children be immunized for certain diseases. Parents/Guardians will need to contact their county health department to receive immunization waiver education and to obtain a certified, current State of Michigan Immunization Waiver Form.


The Genesee County Health Department Immunization Clinic is located at the Burton Health Center, G-3373 S. Saginaw St. For more information, please call (810) 237-4546.

Yearly physical forms, with immunization information, signed and dated by a physician, must be turned into the office within 30 days the child’s first day of school. The child may be withdrawn if immunization/physicals are not up to date, due to state regulations.

Medication Policies
There are certain instances when it becomes necessary for children to take medication during center hours. Because of this, the center must adopt and follow a specific procedure for dispensing medication to children during center hours. This is necessary for the protection of the child as well as the person giving the medication.

1. The only medication that the school is obligated to dispense is that medication prescribed by a licensed physician and the medication form must be completed with the doctor’s signature.

2. A medication sheet will be used for all medication given at the center.

3. Medication that is to be taken over a long period of time should have a new medication sheet every month.

4. Medication must be in PRESCRIPTION bottles properly labeled with:
• Name of child
• Name of medicine
• Time and dosage
Do not send medication in plastic bags or envelopes.

5. Medication is to be dispensed by the Director or her designee in the Director’s absence.

   a. All medication will be taken in the presence of the designated staff member.

   b. In order to be sure that everyone has received their medication for the day, a checklist will be made.

6. In an effort to reduce problems when medication is changed or discontinued, NO more than a 10-day supply of pills will be kept at the center.

7. It is the parent’s duty to notify the center when medication has been discontinued. The parent will be expected to pick up any remaining medication or to authorize the Director to dispose of it.

8. It is the parent’s duty to notify the center when a child’s medication has changed. A new medication sheet must be filled out with a doctor’s signature.

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